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We are 21 globally-minded undergraduates passionate about international development and service.


Our mission is to support the endeavors of iHousers as they learn to better serve locally or globally. By combining academics with project-based learning, mentorship opportunities, and leadership development skills, iHouse provides a collaborative community and the support network necessary for students to turn visions and goals into reality.


Although we all come to MIT from various different backgrounds with wide ranging interests, we all share a desire to create a better quality of life for people around the world—one vision, one step, one project at a time. Concurrent with MIT’s motto of mind and hands, iHouse was established in order to foster the next generation of global leaders solving international problems.


Public health, water sanitation and access, education, gender equality, disaster preparedness, human rights, environmental sustainability, economics, infrastructure, poverty reduction, and their related issues all belong under the umbrella that is iHouse. We have sent people of all backgrounds to many interesting and unique places in the developing world with the intention of improving the quality of life of others.


Who we are and what we do.

  • In the Field

    Apply what you learn in iHouse and ID in hands-on projects.

  • In the Classes

    Come to iHouse speaker series where we bring in international development experts

  • In Campus

    Attend a freshman 6 unit seminar, for incoming freshmen only, on international development and service in the first semester

  • And Out of Campus

    Attend two retreats we have per year, as well as countless social events and parties we lead!

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The next generation of global leaders solving international problems

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